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The intense competition has made it imperative for the TTL industry to leverage technology to cut cost per transaction, provide better customer service and keep pace with the changes in the business. environment. Over years due to stiff competition and recession, Industry has been looking in to cutting costs of inventory, Operational cost and Just In Time procurement, this has put severe pressure on the Information Technology to help the end users in bringing more efficient applications to support them. Over the years Perfect12 Tecchnologies has architected and delivered solutions in the areas of TTL.

Perfect12 Tecchnologies has acquired TTL domain expertise through years of exposure and association with various clients. This has been supported well by the fact that Perfect12 Tecchnologies has the technical expertise to handle challenges that are a part of today's industry dynamics. Perfect12 Tecchnologies has been able to overcome all the challenges faced and deliver a quality product that meets and exceeds customer expectations TTL Group is a blend of technocrats with good exposure to the TTL domain. The group has been innovative and solutions oriented in building and maintaining applications in TTL.

Perfect12 Tecchnologies has been involved in all the phases of the lifecycle for projects on the TTL domain: Requirements gathering and elaboration, Architecture and Design, Development, Testing, Re-Architecture and Re-Engineering client implementations, Production support and User documentation.

Perfect12 Tecchnologies deep knowledge domain knowledge and understanding of the TTL vertical coupled with our experience in this domain Innovating over a decade has enabled us to offer to our customer unmatched value proposition. Perfect12 Tecchnologies has provided our end to end solutions in travel for various Airlines, Travel distribution, Logistic companies which include 3PL, Hotels, Rail & Road organizations. Perfect12 Tecchnologies has good knowledge with some of the ERP tools like Microsoft Dynamics and Ofbiz. Perfect12 Tecchnologies has good amount of expertise in mobile, GPS/ GPRS tracking and integrating applications with Barcode, RFID, external booking engines, payment gateways, GIS maps and various communication protocols like TAF -TSI, SIRI and DATEX.


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