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The advent of Internet and growing software technology has enabled the banking industry to set a truly virtual banking experience. Heightened consumer awareness of Internet fraud and identity theft will motivate banks to develop new offerings that combine conventional products with identity theft and fraud protection services. Newly empowered customers expect customized, easily accessible services that are easy to use and reliable. This perhaps is a bit of a science fiction story for now, but technology and its impact on banking is that it is changing the banking industry into a virtual world that can be accessed from any computer.

The fast growing technology and rapid changes in the technology with respect of time is creating urgency in the banking sector to increase their performance by implementing sophisticated applications to manage the whole process of the banking and finance industry to meet on going demands from industry and customers. Hence banking and financial sector requires robust solutions to retain and harness customer base while at the same time increase shareholders value either by competing or collaborating with the global powers, through consolidations and convergence. Perfect12 Tecchnologies's Financial Services (FS) encompassing both Banking and Financial Services employs its many years of experience crossways the world to support clients who vision it as a business enabler. Added to this Perfect12 Tecchnologies gets the core strength in the FS area from its parent company EVRY Group who is No 1 IT Provider for Bank & Finance in the Nordic Regions having more than 200 customers coupled with a comprehensive set of banking services and solutions that serves in excess of 10 million end customers. As IT service providers, our constant endeavour is to raise the bar to leverage expertise to the Customers advantage. The vast knowledge base ensures that our learning curve is short and the benefits to the Customer accrue early in the engagement cycle and Perfect12 Tecchnologies's stable resource pool ensures minimal deviations from planned business programs.

Perfect12 Tecchnologies augments business process and diminish equipped cost structures in IT and business areas by maximizing consistency and preservation across customer's to guarantee probable for continued growth. Implement more firmness inside risk management and business supremacy from board level downwards. Perfect12 Tecchnologies has been involved in the whole gamut of activities and contributing to: Business Analysis, Design, Development, Maintenance, Re-Architecture, Client Implementations, Testing, Production Support, Technical Documentation and Database Administration in this practice area.


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